Most people don't "need" a wedding planner, but those who do use a competent planner consider it much more than a simple luxury. Planning a wedding can be a daunting task, with logistics nightmares that most people simply aren't accustomed to. And this planning can go on for months! I take all of that stress out of your wedding or event, from the moment you contact me till the end of your big day. You may not "need" me there, but I'll make you feel that you want me there!
  • Many weddings involve friends and family from different towns, states, and even other countries! Throw hectic work and personal schedules into the mix, and getting the bride together with her party, her mom, and other key players may not happen on a regular basis. These people genuinely require local assistance. I'll put everything in order such that, when everyone does come together, we can accomplish our objectives in the shortest time possible. This leaves you to actually enjoy the time with friends and family.
  • More and more Metropolitan area couples are choosing the beauty of the Hudson Valley for their weddings, and I can help these people make the most of their limited time in the area.
  • Finally, couples who are re-marrying or simply marrying late in life may have personal and business obligations that don't allow them the time to plan a proper wedding. I can always help these couples..
It may be an added expense, but it's one that will likely reduce your overall costs. When you plan a wedding as an individual, you're planning a single event. The wedding professionals involved may never see you again. I plan many weddings each season, so it behooves each vendor to provide the best service at the most competitive prices to my brides. I am always negotiating for you.
Not a chance! I don't make your decisions for you, I simply make it easy for you to make your plans and decisions. I use my time in such a way that your time is spent making choices that really are fun!
You're the boss, I'm here to help you. Please look over my Services and Options pages. I will essentially do as little or as much as you'd like me to.
While someone on my staff may assist in some of our efforts, I work personally with each and every bride. Above all, I will be with her on her wedding day. You will be my only bride on your wedding day.
  • Absolutely not! Regardless of the size of your wedding or your budget, I can help you make the most of your money, your time, and your big day.
  • I'm also not limited to weddings, I am an event planner. From family picnics and clambakes on the beach, to Great Gatsby style affairs, I'll help you throw the party of your dreams!